Launching is Like a Colonoscopy

I am one of the few people who enjoys the colonoscopy prep process. I think the liquid is palatable when mixed with Crystal Light, I like the need to be focused on one project, and I love the fresh and clean feeling at the end….which is really just prep for the main event.


As we prepped for sabbatical I found myself in a colonoscopy headspace. We had a super long “to do” list that included everything from dentist appointments to haircuts to car maintenance to updating our insurance to taking multiple trips to the Goodwill. In the weeks preceding our departure we focused on working through the list putting all of our affairs in order, addressing overdue maintenance issues and cleaning out our closets, garage, and pantry. In our normal lives we always have a “to do” list hanging our heads but our sabbatical prep required us to purge the list.


We had enough time and while there was a lot to do, we were not terribly stressed. Mike and I are at our best when we have an actionable project and this one was a doozy. As we got things done and uncluttered our physical and administrative lives I felt increasingly satisfied and calm.


Once our bags were packed, the to-do list done and our affairs in order, a weight was lifted, I was un-bloated by our usual lives and ready to fly away for the main event.

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