How She Helps

Helping Your Marketing Effortsuzanne_helps2

Suzanne’s broad, extensive background means that she can support your organization with a wide range of services. Depending on your needs, Suzanne can provide a few hours of assistance, work on a project basis or develop a long-term contract for ongoing support.

Some areas where she can provide expertise include:

Planning – Every organization should have a marketing/communication plan that maps out how it communicates to the outside world. Suzanne can work with you to develop a strategy to ensure that your efforts are effective, consistent and meeting their intended goals.

Evaluation – Sometimes an outside perspective can make all the difference. Suzanne can look at your materials, messaging, office space, event, etc. and help you understand what they are communicating and how you might improve them.

Board Development – It is important for your board to understand what marketing is, how it affects your work, and what the board’s roles and responsibilities are. Suzanne can attend a board meeting, work with specific members, or develop your board’s marketing capabilities over the long-term.

Idea Generation – Suzanne can work with you to generate ideas for a special project or to improve your overall marketing.

Project Management – Sometimes an extra pair of hands is what you need to get the work done. Suzanne has a lot of experience managing both large and small-scale projects.

Staff Mentoring – If the people who handle your marketing could use a little mentoring or training, Suzanne can work with them to meet the organization’s needs.

Assist a Volunteer Committee – We all love volunteers, but sometimes they need a little push. Suzanne can be the push that your committee needs to make things happen in a timely manner.

An Extension of Your Staff – Most small agencies don’t have a marketing person on staff. Suzanne can be an extension of your staff, focused on helping you with day to day marketing issues.

Hiring Contractors – Suzanne has hired graphic designers, web designers, PR people and more. If you need to hire somebody but don’t know where to start or how to evaluate them, she can help.